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Bounce House Rental
Surfaces we set up on: We can set up dry inflatables on grass, hard-pan dirt, small landscape rock, astro-turf, cement, asphalt (no oil spots or spills). We do not set up on sand. We consider grass to be 85% coverage of grass, not weeds and dirt. You must notify Bouncety Bounce Inflatables (BBIPS) of the surface the inflatable will be set up on so we can bring the proper equipment and supplies.
Set up procedures: Please be aware Bouncety Bounce may use stakes to secure the inflatable.  Bouncety Bounce Inflatables and Party Supply, LLC and its delivery personnel are not responsible for any broken water, power, communication or gas lines. It is the customer’s responsibility to know where the lines are and notify BBIPS prior to set up.

  • Customer is responsible to measure their area to ensure item can be set up safely; customer agrees to pay all rental fees if item does not fit.
  • Please turn off all sprinklers 1 day prior - $100 clean up fee will apply if you wet down (on purpose or accident) any dry inflatable
  • We can not set up an inflatable near pools or other dangerous areas
  • Delivery is within 100 feet of unloading area on even ground.  No hills, ditches, culverts to cross.
Delivery policy: The start and end time is not a guaranteed delivery or pick up time. You are responsible for the safety of the item(s) while in your possession.
  • If we are delivering to a residential location you are guaranteed 5 hours of fun for your party. The delivery driver will deliver sometime before your party starts and pick up sometime after your party ends.
  • An adult 18 years or older must be present with payment in order to receive product set up.  We may arrive any time after 8 a.m. until 20-30 min prior to your rental time.  We have multiple deliveries in a day and cannot always be at your home at a specific time.  It is your responsibility to have someone there to receive the rental product all morning.  If no one is home  when we arrive, we may leave and not be able to return at a later time.
  • If we are delivering to a park we will make every effort to deliver your item at your specific delivery time. Please remember you may need to rent a generator from us as well.
  • If we are delivering to a school or a commercial location delivery times will be determined on an individual basis.
General Rules: Please follow these rules to have a safe and fun party
  • Adult supervision is required at all times, never leave a child unattended.
  • Remove all shoes, sharp objects, glasses & jewelry.
  • You must use the inflatable the way it is intended to be used
  • No water on a dry item (a minimum of a $100 extra fee)
  • No SAND excessive dirt or grass (a minimum of a $50 cleaning fee)
  • ABSOLUTELY no silly string allowed in near or around the bounce houses!  If even small bits are found, you forfeit the cleaning deposit.
Bouncer & Combos:
  • Children should bounce in compatible age groups as follows:
  • Ages 8 & under - 7 or less kids
  • Ages 9 to 13 - 6 or less kids
  • Ages 14-18 (only in specified bouncers) 2-4 kids at a time, depending on weight.
  • No flips, wrestling, rough play and no pulling or sitting on the netting.
  • All children must sit on their bottoms slide feet first on all slides
  • Children ages 3 to adult may participate.
  • Children must be able to climb up themselves (no carrying, push or pulling a child up)
  • Participants must sit on their bottom slide feet first (no lap riders)
  • ONE participant slides at a time.
  • No more than 2 participants on the inflatable slide at any time
  • Interactive Inflatables:
    • All interactive items must only be played with they way they were intended to be used.
Pets: We all love our furry friends but please remember that our delivery personnel must work in your grass area. Please clean up after your pet(s) before we arrive and PLEASE KEEP YOUR PETS AWAY AND OUT OF INFLATABLES! 

Weather Policy: Inflatable items are dangerous in high winds and rain. If winds exceed 15 MPH do not use the inflatable. You must unplug the unit immediately.  We reserve the right to cancel set up of an inflatable in the event of poor weather. If bounce house gets wet you may lose your cash cleaning deposit.
  • There are no rain checks or refunds if your party should be affected by weather.
  • You may cancel on the morning of your party in the event of severe or poor weather, by 9 a.m. (winds or rain) and only loose your deposit.
  • If your item should get sprinkled on you must completely dry the play surface prior to letting the children resume play. If a storm should affect your party please follow these directions:
Have children exit immediately
  1. Deflate the inflatable (Make sure that the inflatable deflates on itself and not onto fences, trees or other surrounding items)
  2. You are responsible for the safety of the children and the equipment left in your care.  Cover the blower unit.
  3. DO NOT REINFLATE!  You may NOT bounce in the inflatable after it has been rained on. Keep kids and pets away from deflated equipment.  DO NOT walk or CLIMB ON when deflated!
Payment requirements:     We do accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, there is no fee for credit or debit.  Cleaning deposit must be in Cash. We will not charge the deposit and then refund it.  If the deposit is not given in cash you forfeit the return of your deposit.  Sorry we do not accept personal checks.  All payments will be due by the week prior to set up.  We will not deliver your inflatable with out payment.  We cannot wait while you go get the cleaning deposit payment, so please have your payment ready the morning of delivery, regardless of your set up time.

Parks: We do not set up at city parks at this time.P of Prescott are now enforcing proof of a very high insurance rate from us in liability.  Therefore, we have no choice but to charge an additional fee for parks in order to cover this huge insurance increase.  We apologize for this

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