Bouncety Bounce Inflatables & Party Supply, LLC - Hop till you drop and Concessions to make your party GREAT!
      Our Commitment to You
We are a Prescott Valley based business proudly serving Prescott and the Quad-City area.  Unfortunately, we are unable to serve areas outside of Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey or Chino Valley at this time.
Our bounce houses are commercial grade, made of the best and most durable products available and are CLEAN!  We want to bring unique styles and more enjoyment to your social gathering, church event, company event, Birthday, Grand Opening or customer appreciation day. We are available most Holidays or Holiday weekends for a slight fee, please call for these dates and fees.
If your event is at a location without electricity; parks, store parking lots etc, a generator is available for a separate fee.
We are a family run, local operation and are proud to serve you and your family.

You must pay for your rental items at time of set up.  You may pay by cash, or if you choose to use credit or debit you must pay the cleaning deposit in cash so we can refund that to you at pick up, as long as requirements are met.  We do not take checks.
At the time of reservation for tables, chairs and all machines rentals half of the charge is required as a deposit.  This is refundable up until the week prior to your reservation date.  The week prior to your reservation it is no longer refundable.
We pride ourselves on our clean, unique bounce houses.
We want your kids to be safe and for them to have a great time! We disinfect our bounce houses after EVERY use with a hospital grade disinfectant. We want to continue to bring you the lowest prices available and the best products possible. Please respect our property so we can continue to bring you the best for the least!

Double Slide and Bounce House
Actual size: 21' 5" L X 15'1" W

$100.00 for 5 hours or $130.00 for 8 hours
commercial disney bounce house

 Disney Princess Bounce House
Actual Size: 14'4" L X 15'4" W.    
$80.00 for 5 hours or $110.00 for 8 hours



 Funny Farm Bounce House
Actual Size: 14.4 L X 15.4 W

$80.00 for 5 hours or $110.00 for 8 hours
  Monster Wheel Bounce House
Actual Size: 16' 4" W x 15'7" L

$100.00 for 5 hours or $130.00 for 8 hours
Tweety Interactive Bounce House

Looney Tunes Interactive Bounce House/ Slide (Its BIG!)

Actual Size: 23.5 L X
18.5 W
$120.00 for 5 hours or $150.00 for 8 hours

(Its Cool and Big!)  WET or DRY!!
Bounce house with internal slide!
Actual Size: 20 L X 16 W
This unit can only be set up on cement or small landscape rock when using wet.  NO dirt set up when using wet.

 $140.00 for 5 hours or $170.00 for 8 hours
**********COMING SOON (MAY OR JUNE 2014)************

"It's A Girl Thing!"

Bounce/ Wet or Dry
Huge internal Slide
Basketball hoop and climbing stairs.

Frozen Drink Machine Rentals
slushy/granita machine rental

Our machine rentals are going to make your party complete! The frozen drink machine is great for any event or party.
You can make alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. We bring it, set it up and show you what to do,(you supply the alcohol) and leave you enough to refill one more time! Plenty of drinks to go around with five gallon capacity on each side (thats 10 gallons of frozen fun!).             
 $130.00 for 5 hours  YUMMM!!!

Sno-Cone Machine Rental

sno-cone machine rental

Our sno-cone machine can help you make a quick profit for your fundraiser, cool down the kids of all ages at your
block party or company event or just be a great treat for your birthday party. Safe and easy for an adult to use and three flavors and cups are included. Additional flavors areavailable for purchase.

$ 120.00 for 5 hours

Popcorn Machine Rentals
Our popcorn machines are deliveredto your home, school, church or event and are easy for you to use.
They come with easy pour popcorn pouches that have everything you need to make great tasting movie theater popcorn in just a matter of minutes. You enjoy the popcorn we clean it up!
$60.00 for 5 hours with 50 1oz servings of popcorn included!
    Balloon Bouquets
Various Balloon Bouquets can now be delivered
ONLY with bounce house or machine rentals.
We do NOT deliver balloon bouquets seperately.
We have so many more balloon character types, please ask us for your favorites!! We have tanks and trucks, princesses, superhero's and MORE..Just ask!!
Balloon bouquets brought right to your party!!  $25.00 for a big bouquet!
These bouquets are very large for their price..The large character balloons vary anywhere from 18"-24" and there are also three (3) coordinating latex balloons as well as the four standard size mylars.  KIDS LOVE THEM!!!
No Bounce House Delivery Fee!!
Sorry, we do not sell Helium.
Make your rental reservation today,
we book up very early!!
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